We are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries.
The surgical options are optimally guaranteed within the framework of a private hospital.


At Sportclinic Zillertal, we are mainly spezialized in the fields of:

Cruciate ligament surgery

Fast and precise same day diagnostics, with regards to the extent of the injury, can be achieved by clinical examination and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Thus, the treatment options can be discussed with the patient right away.

Treatment for bone fractures

Various procedures for the treatment of fractures are offered at our hospital, ensuring that fractures are given the highest level of treatment possible in accordance with the latest developments of science and technology.

Joint surgery

As joint, leg and arm injuries occur particularly often during skiing. Our orthopaedic surgeons have extensive experience with this treatment and are very well familiar with the latest technology pertaining to the field of joint surgery.

Diagnosis & imaging

The Sportclinic’s concept is to provide the best possible on-site care and treatment for sports and leisure injuries. Therefore a modern diagnostic system, equipped to the latest technical standards with regards to imaging techniques, is available.

Metal Removal

After around six months the implants and screws used to stabilise the fracture should be removed. This is performed under a light general anaesthetic during an outpatient surgical procedure.


The choice of procedure and whether or not surgery is appropriate (also depending on the patient’s general state of health and potential diseases of the heart or lung; etc.) must always be decided after a thorough consultations and examinations (using x-ray, CT or MRI) by consultation with the doctor.


You can find detailed information on injuries and treatment methods in the wiki.