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The Sportclinic Zillertal is considered as one of the most modern medical centres in the alpine area. With a team of specialised physicians the clinic takes care of traumas after leisure or sport accidents.

From first aid, diagnostic investigation, medical treatment to rehabilitation the Sportclinic is the first point of contact for locals and guests.

It is our top priority to provide the best treatment outcome and a high level of quality in all our services.

Our Focus on

Sport injuries

We are specialised on the diagnostic investigation and medical treatment of sport injuries.

Rehab & physiotherapy

Due to the collaboration with our physiotherapists we can provide you with an efficient rehabilitation.


Further diagnostic investigations can help to detect the cause of chronic pain.

» First aid as a basic right is guaranteed to every patient without any financial risk! «

Which means: if your insurance won’t cover the incurred costs for your first aid retrospectively, we will try our best to find a cost neutral solution for our patients.


This is our promise to You.

Selected partners

Latest techniques

Sportclinic Zillertal is equipped with state-of-the-art premises for surgery & therapy, as well as with a modern diagnostic ward. We as Sportclinic unite all the important imaging diagnostic methods as a digital X-ray system, CT (computer tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).


Initial examination

An anamnesis and a clinical examination by a specialist are the basis of any medical treatment.


Due to longstanding education and their occupations in medical centres located in skiing regions our physicians can provide an extensive experience in dealing with injuries caused by sport and leisure accidents.

Diagnostic procedure

For an instant diagnostic clarification state-of-art technology is at our disposal.


The range of our diagnostic equipment extends from X-ray, laboratory examination, CT to MRI- united all under one and the same roof.

Discussion of results

After summarising all medical findings including further diagnostic results our physicians will present the adequate treatment options to you.


The decision for the best medical treatment strategy will be taken together.

Medical treatment / Medical care

Conservative therapy as for example to apply a plaster cast or a splint, etc. will be immediately done.


If necessary, we also provide near-term surgical treatment on site if it is medically indicated.

Follow-up care / Post-operative treatment

In order to guarantee the best treatment results possible a specific follow-up treatment is an essential component within the procedure.


The entire follow-up care starting from the postsurgical medical round and the initiation of the physiotherapy through to check-ups after applying a plaster cast or a splint is offered at our premises.

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First impressions of our medical centre


I had compound spiral fracture of tib fib and ankle, needed urgent surgery. The clinic was clean, staff was professional and doctors were excellent. All equipment is state of art, surgery was fast and alignment was perfect. Dr. Skakov extremely experienced and confident . Stayed for 2 days had excellent care, PT, and even food was perfect. Back in USA, xrays proved excellent healing. Can not be happier with care. I am a physician myself. They saved my leg!

Alexandra R.