Workout for amateur athletes

The balance between sports activities and recovery is of immense importance not only for professional athletes with training or race goals, but also for recreational athletes.


“Unfortunately, too little attention is paid to regeneration and recovery. That’s why the question often arises: Why do I not get any better? ” says Peter Leo (sports scientist at sportclinic zillertal)


As a classic example, Leo mentions endurance runners and explains: “By increasing their running distances in a short time to over 60 kilometres per week, the susceptibility to injury increases rapidly.”


Due to the lack of regeneration, the runner’s body significantly loses its exercise capacity. Alternate intensive and extensive units! The pro explains: “The weekly units should be structured and run after a plan. Variation is in demand – intensive and extensive sessions should alternate in a rhythm of 1: 3, ” Leo says. This is the only way to maintain the joy of exercise and movement.


Intense workouts without noticeable improvement are frustrating and furthermore they imply greater risk for the body.