Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)

Nose surgery is a very specialised form of facial surgical treatment. A bump in the nasal bridge, saddle nose, crooked or disproportionately large nose, either caused by genetics or an accident can nowadays be corrected on request.


It should be taken into account that the nose is a central facial organ and is a functional as well as aesthetic component.


Hence attention needs to be paid to the fact that the operated or modified nose must blend harmoniously with your other facial features. It is important to consider not only the detail, but the nose as a whole. Sometimes it is the area surrounding the nose that makes it appear unsightly. For example, a “too large” nose could be due to lack of volume in the adjacent cheek. In this case the overall facial appearance can be improved with a corresponding volume treatment to the face. This will all be discussed during a personal consultation.


The surgical procedure is performed under general anaesthetic. The incision is generally made on the inner side of the nostril. In some cases it is necessary to make the incision on the bridge of the nose (at the soft crease between the nostrils).


As part of your consultation, the desired changes will be discussed in detail and presented in the form of a photo.


Goal of the operation


A nose that looks natural and blends harmoniously with your other facial features.




During the consultation we will explain the potential complications such as temporary loss of sensitivity at the tip of the nose, dry nasal mucosa, wound infection, wound healing disorders etc. The risk of complication is higher for patients that smoke heavily, diabetics, those suffering from high blood pressure or any other patients at increased risk.


Post Surgery


Nasal packing will be used for the first few days, which may somewhat hinder your breathing but support the healing process significantly. The bandage (Steristrip or possibly nose plaster) should, depending on the extent or surgery, be worn for up to two weeks. You should take care for the first two weeks after the operation, by avoiding heavy physical activities. Especially if it was necessary to modify the bone of the nose, you need to be extra careful regarding touching by people and excessive nose blowing for the first six weeks.