Plastic Surgery

Advances in modern medicine mean there are now minimally invasive surgical procedures designed especially for these areas that do not necessitate long periods of sick leave.


Due to the fact that social pressure to perform and the importance of the functionality of humans, which is associated with a neat appearance, are increasing, aesthetic medicine is gaining in importance. Applied wisely and just to a certain extend, in a way that improves the natural and avoids an unnatural look, the nowadays range of convincing treatments is wide. Non-operative therapies using Botox, filler or laser light therapy are an essential part of it.


Plastic- aesthetic surgery is defined by change of body shape, as inconspicuous as possible, via the accentuation of certain body parts, which should be pointed out. Same as with the aesthetic medicine, the aim is to adapt the natural look and the targeted result to your body, in order to not emulate unrealistic outcomes. What nowadays is considered ideal and beautiful, should still be experienced as positive in 20 years. To diagnose tendencies and to pass them aim-oriented on to our penitents, the over many years and on the basis of numerous patients, collected know-how is very helpful.