Male Breast

When the male breast loses the anatomical form of the underlying muscles, begins to sag or become enlarged, its aesthetically displeasing form can often be seen through t-shirts or shirts.


The male breast is basically structured in the same manner as the female and consists if skin soft tissue, adipose tissue and mammary glands. Excess of mammary glands is called gynecomastia.


Today, there are several methods used to eliminate this aesthetically displeasing appearance for men.


Starting with normal liposuction (to treat excessive fat content) or a combination of fat removal with tightening of the soft skin tissues and nipple repositioning; the range of treatments is similar to that offered for the female breast.


A personal consultation, where the patient’s expectations and attainable results are discussed, is important.


The surgical procedure, depending on the extent of the procedure, can be performed as an outpatient or with stay in the clinic (ca. 1 day). It is very important to wear a tight compression jacket for the next few weeks, in order to achieve optimum results.


An absence from work from 1 day to 2 weeks, depending on how extensive the procedure was, has to be exacted.