Lip Augmentation

You will have inherited lips of a similar shape to those of your mother or father.


Unfortunately, due to their central location within the face, changes to the lips caused by stress, smoking and sun exposure are particularly noticeable.

Lips are actually larger than one would think. They extend from the base of the nose almost to the chin, including the red and white parts of the lips.


The red part of the lips often loses volume, shape and colour and starts to turn inwards during the course of life, eventually appearing to be narrower.


The white part of the lips, the adjacent skin / soft tissue can become an unsightly problem with wrinkles caused by intensive exposure (for example: sun, smoking).


Nowadays there is the possibility to treat both zones using different lip augmentation procedures in order to regain beautiful, full lips.


The red part of the lips can be treated by increasing their volume (see volume / fillers), to create a plump roundness, improve shape and help regain their lost prominence. The white part of the lip can benefit from anti-wrinkle therapy using laser light therapy and dermabrasion with a laser or diamond stone.


Lip fillers for the red part of the lips and small wrinkles on the white part can be administered on an outpatient basis, where results will be seen immediately after the procedure.


Treatment of wrinkles in the white lip area using abrasion, whether laser or dermabrasion (=controlled abrasion of the skin), is also performed on an outpatient basis and requires a local anaesthetic, similar to dental treatment.


You should be aware that healing takes about 1 week after dermabrasion treatment, and the treated area can be red for even longer. As soon as the superficial wound has healed, make-up can be applied to conceal the redness.