Filler & Botox

Botox and fillers are all the rage:


Botox treatment can, after a detailed analysis of the affected region, help to harmonise the overall appearance.


What does that mean? An example: A too obvious mimic with massive facial wrinkling, simply caused by ageing or pathological conditions, can be stimulated or relaxed using Botox treatment. Thereby a relaxed and fresh appearance can be achieved. An imbalance in the two facial halves can be brought back into proportion.


Headaches of different genres and excessive underarm sweating can also be treated.

Every human has an individual biological system. Every biological system requires individual treatment and therefore individual dosage of various medications. Therefore it is essential, that with regards to the calculation of the dosage, patients cooperate with the attending physician and specify any previous treatments.




  • Easy treatment with quick results




  • must be repeated
  • a possible overdose results in a temporary, undesired and enhanced relaxation – however, completely reversible