Visible signs of aging on the face and neck result from a loss of elasticity in the very complexly arranged facial muscles and the overlying connective tissue. Muscle tension diminishes with age and the skin loses its elasticity. Fat deposits can be distributed unfavourably, resulting in a tired and unattractive appearance. This is the time to consider a facelift.


Via a conservative facelift procedure, age related changes in facial contours can be corrected by firming and smoothing.


What is the objective of surgery?


The objective of a facelift is to help the skin become more natural looking, tauter in the sense of a “younger face”, as well as to reposition underlying structures, such as adipose tissue and muscle. Nowadays there are different forms and techniques, such as VIMOTIS (vibration mobilisation of tissue), which are applied.


For example, the Super Extended Face Neck Lift with SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system /cheek-muscle-neck-tightening) is a practical method to firm, shape and rejuvenate the face.


This operation is usually performed under sedation, which is less stressful for the patient. Thus, a generally very swift recovery comes along and pain is experienced seldom.


The Super Extended Face Neck Lift compared to other conventional facelift methods brings one huge advantage.  Post-surgery, the face does not seem to have been undertaken surgery, yet is has a fresh, radiant and rejuvenated appearance.


With the help of the mid-face lift or mid-face and neck lift, signs of aging such as sagging cheeks on the lower jaw, excess skin with deep wrinkles on cheeks and front of the ear, sagging skin on the neck, which often presents itself as a double fold, can be eliminated.


No “Mini-lift”


It is important to know that lasting effects can only be achieved by simultaneously tightening the muscles under the skin. If, by contrast, only the skin is tightened (mini-lift), it will lead to an unnatural, mask-like facial expression in most cases. For this reason, we do not offer mini-lifts.


Forehead and Eyebrows


A too high forehead, excess skin with wrinkles on the forehead or even deep eyebrows can be corrected. However, whether surgical interference is necessary, should be clarified together with the surgeon in a prior personal consultation, as nowadays there are alternative, conservative methods that significantly improve appearance.




During the consultation we will explain the potential complications. As with any surgical procedure, risks include wound infection, bleeding, loss of sensitivity in the operated area or an injury of a facial nerve. The risk of complication is slightly higher for patients that smoke heavily, for diabetics, those suffering from high blood pressure or any other patients at increased risk. Complications are extremely rare but, as with all surgical procedures, cannot be excluded 100 %.


Post Surgery


You should avoid intensive exposure to the sun, sun beds, sauna and competitive sport for the next four to six weeks. It is also necessary that you comply with instructions discussed before surgery. This is the only way to ultimately achieve optimum results.