Diagnostics of Performance

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Increasing the level of performance individually


Is your aim to get fitter, to increase endurance and to get healthier? All based on well-founded sports scientific findings? Well, then you are in the right place. Saving you from unpleasant masks and unnecessary blood draws, we use the simple method of breath analysis. This, in combination with sports diagnostic easily allows to identify your base level. Furthermore, we provide you with data which help to navigate your workout. Our aim is to send you confident into your individual workout. It does not matter whether you are a sports newcomer, a hobby athlete or a professional, we do provide you with an individualised solution, as well as with tips and tricks for your workout routine.


Weight reduction


Miles on miles but no pound less? Several diets coming with a lot of abstinence but experiencing the well-known yo-yo-effect? An analysis of the metabolic rate at rest and 10 minutes of exposure to activity on a treadmill or ergometer are the key to success. The analysis of the metabolic rate at rest provides the base for your daily supply of energy, because only who eats enough can reduce weight.


The analysis of the lipometabolism and its easily comprehensible report allows an efficient workout, which helps to reduce weight without risking the yo-yo-effect. Within a few minutes your individual workout level is identified and the issue of spare kilos belongs to the past.


Via the balancing act of performance tuning on the one side and by promoting a modification towards a healthy lifestyle on the other, we can cover a further spectrum of consulting. Thereby we can help you with useful tips and tricks for your daily (workout) routine.