Cruciate ligament preservative method

In selected cases a preservative surgery can be chosen. It can either be performed by using the Soft Tissue technique by Steadam or by using the modern procedure of internal bracings. In this context of the operative supply is based on the arthroscopy. It is decided individually, if either one of these methods is suitable, or if a common plastic is performed.


Within the modern preservative technique, a strong string is inserted through the ruptured cruciate ligament to support it and to replace it to the point of rupture. This way the reinforcing tape takes the function of the cruciate ligament, which in the meanwhile, is able to stabilise itself.


One of the main advantages of this method is, that the cruciate ligament either remains or is fixed exactly on its contact point at the bone. This is called an automatic reconstruction. Thereby, other than with a cruciate ligament plastic, the innervation through nerves is conserved.