Breast Lift

The shape, size and weight of the female breast often change over the course of life. Sports and conservative methods contribute little to improve the shape of the breast.


The female breast is composed of skin, adipose tissue and mammary glands. The mammary gland is hormonally influenced by pregnancy, periods or menopause and therefore breasts vary in size, volume and shape over time. This is often accompanied by a feeling of tension.


The breast is crucially important to the physical well-being of women. Many are not satisfied with their breasts. They want to adapt them to suit their own wishes and desires to gain a new sense of life. The deciding factor should be your own physical and mental well-being. With surgical intervention the form, volume and size of the female breast can be shaped way more attractive.


During a comprehensive personal consultation we are willingly to inform you about your treatment options, as well as the associated advantages and disadvantages. It is important to discuss your expectations and the results which can be achieved via surgery. You will also make you aware of te required behaviour before and after the procedure. This is the only way to keep surgical risks low and to achieve the desired results easily.


Patients usually stay over night in the clinic after a breast lift. Then a sports or support bra is usually worn for up to five weeks day and night, to achieve the best results. During this time all heavy physical exertion should be avoided. Dissolvable stitches are used in most procedures, which makes a suture removal only necessary in exceptional cases.