The comeback to the sports routine can be hard after some injuries – Getting back on track with back2sports.


The way back into action…


With “back2sports” we offer a holistic and well-founded program, which helps the patient to return to the everyday movement routine.


To accompany the patient from a surgery to the total anastasis the Sportsclinic Zillertal offers the know-how bunched all under one roof. For the right treatment the departments trauma surgery, physiotherapy and science of sports form a triangle.




In the first step after surgery or after an injury the patient receives a physio-therapeutical treatment. The goal of the manual therapy is to enable a pain free movement again. This is the point when the rehabilitation serves its purpose. Then what?


Medical training Therapy


“Back2sports” does not only focus on the comeback after an injury, moreover it also covers preventive measures. The question is: What can patients do, to not only get but also keep fit after surgery/injury. The goal set is, to reduce and prevent risk of injury.


Functional screening


When is the right moment to get back into routine? To get back on skies or back on the field for the next match? To give the perfect golf swing a try? When to plan the next hike? The combination of our scientific standards and your personal objective allows criteria based reconsiderations.


Power Days


We offer the possibility to pass a rehab-intensive-package which duration starts from one up to several days. It consists of a follow-up examination with your surgeon, a physio-therapeutical treatment, as well as an individualised therapy-schedule.