Sport injuries

We are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries.

Within the framework of your private hospital we can guarantee optimal surgical options for you.

Focus on

We are mainly specialized in the fields of:

  • cruciate ligament surgery
  • treatment of fractures
  • joint surgery
  • diagnostics and imaging
  • implant removal
  • osteoarthritis


Initial examination

An anamnesis and a clinical examination by a specialist are the basis of any medical treatment.


Due to longstanding education and their occupations in medical centres located in skiing regions our physicians can provide an extensive experience in dealing with injuries caused by sport and leisure accidents.

Diagnostic procedure

For an instant diagnostic clarification state-of-art technology is at our disposal.


The range of our diagnostic equipment extends from X-ray, laboratory examination, CT to MRI- united all under one and the same roof.

Discussion of results

After summarising all medical findings including further diagnostic results our physicians will present the adequate treatment options to you.


The decision for the best medical treatment strategy will be taken together.

Medical treatment / Medical care

Conservative therapy as for example to apply a plaster cast or a splint, etc. will be immediately done.


If necessary, we also provide near-term surgical treatment on site if it is medically indicated.

Follow-up care / Post-operative treatment

In order to guarantee the best treatment results possible a specific follow-up treatment is an essential component within the procedure.


The entire follow-up care starting from the postsurgical medical round and the initiation of the physiotherapy through to check-ups after applying a plaster cast or a splint is offered at our premises.


Our Wiki will provide you with detailed information on injuries and treatment methods.



After surgery as well as after conservative treatment, we recommend intensive physiotherapy. Therefore, our physicians in collaboration with our physiotherapists have developed a special program that will bring you back into your daily routine.