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We at Sportclinic Zillertal would like to thank you for your efforts and cooperation. We promise you that we will take your suggestions very seriously and that your information will be treated confidentially.

ORGANIZATION: Discreet calling and collection, uncomplicated and smooth processes, sensitive handling of patients and patient information
CONTINUOUS CLARIFICATION: Ongoing information about the doctor or nursing staff providing treatment, as well as information about the activities to be carried out, the reasons for them and the expected time required

Examination and medical consultation

During your first visit with us, you had examinations and/or a consultation. In this section, please think back to the examinations and the consultation, as well as the explanation of the diagnosis.

EXAMINATION & DIAGNOSIS: Professional and detailed examinations, comprehensible, detailed explanation of the diagnosis and possible effects
TREATMENT ADVICE: Comprehensible and competent advice, presentation of treatment alternatives, risks and chances of successful treatment, information about consequences (medication, pain, restrictions in everyday life, duration of treatment and recovery)
VALUATION: Familiar, personal contact, helpfulness and friendliness, honest and sensitive response to the patient's concerns, fears and wishes
Treatment success
Insurance status
FINANCING & COSTS: Were you informed in good time about the amount of the expected costs (deductibles), was the cost estimate transparent and understandable, was there a willingness to find a cost-optimized solution for you?
FREQUENCY OF VISITS: Please tell us how often you had to visit our facility in person in the course of your treatment.