Back pain – Sounds familiar to you? – Tips from our expert

Nowadays back and neck pain is well known in our society and it seems like even more and more young people are affected. Our behaviour in everyday life, the daily stress we are exposed to and sometimes even mental stress are among the biggest causes for the complains. “Back pain is a very individual thing that has to be dealt with differently within therapy.” according to our expert Jan Willem Keijzer.


For the last 5 years Jan Willem Keijzer has been working as a physiotherapist at the Sportclinic Zillertal and one can literally say that the career as physiotherapist was practically handed down into his cradle by his father. The education in the Netherlands brought him tremendously advanced know-how and in combination with his focus on a patient-tailored therapy he treats complains after sports injuries and movement restrictions successfully.


Jan Willem is convinced that the fact that our everyday working life requests long time monotonously sitting is one of the biggest causes of the common illness. “Physical exercise is very conducive to reduce stress and muscle tension and already small exercises in between can help as a prevention”. He recommends short exercises like shoulders or head circles or even just to get up every now and then and take a few steps to break the monotony and relieve our muscle groups. Continuous physical activities are inevitable for a permanent improvement of the musculoskeletal disorders. According to our expert, it would be already enough to overcome his inner bully and to just “walk” for only half an hour on a daily basis.